Muddling and Mashups

I thought that I knew my way around a keyboard. But, trying to figure out how to place a new post on my blog was quite a challenge. I am not sure I have done this correctly – but I will find out when I post it.

I am amazed at how many web sites are not optimized for cross device connections. It seems that most small and medium businesses have the attitude that it just is not worth it to optimize web sites for all devices, OSs and browsers.

This is a very bad idea as the average surfer will leave your site if it does not begin opening in two seconds or less. Try your site on your smartphone, tablet and computer – how long did each take to open? Over two seconds and your new customer has already moved on.

Have your webdesigner optimize  each page of your site for viewing. The relative small cost of optimizing for mobile will be off-set by keeping traffic on your site.


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