Muddling & Mashups

I confess, I have tried writing a blog once or twice before. But, each time I tried, I eventually gave up to the pull of an interesting TV show (can you use interesting and TV show in the same sentence) or to my dog Jake licking my elbow which is his way of telling me he’ like to go for a walk please.

I caved to TV or I caved to Jake – either way entries to my former blogs became further apart and then stopped.

Perhaps this was due to lack of readers, or comments, or maybe both.

So readers, my development to become the best content writer lies with you. Make sure you visit here often, share the link on your social media and leave me a kind word or two in the comments.

My future lies with you. Frankly, I am way too old to move back in with my parents (a difficult thing to do as they both have passed). I cannot survive on the streets (my wife will never let me hear the end of it).

I look forward to seeing my visits graph soar, and time on page per visit be long enough to know you have at least skimmed my posts. Speaking of which, they will be much shorter than this page.

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One thought on “Muddling & Mashups

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